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Letters of support

Dear Editor,                                                                      October 12, 2016

This political season has been a brutal affront to all who want to serve our country or state to improve, innovate, or seek logical compromise.  Robin Chesnut-Tangerman has the character and honesty needed in this difficult political climate. He has proven himself by serving his first term working across the aisles, earning tri- partisan respect. He doesn’t accept PAC or Super PAC monies and votes his conscience after thoroughly studying an issue and consulting with his constituents.

In short, we know Robin and trust him to serve and represent our town at the state level. Bernie has endorsed him and we encourage voters in Pawlet, Middletown Springs, Wells, Tinmouth, and Rupert to reach out to him with questions at

Sarah Rath (D)

Jack Rath (R)

West Pawlet

To the Editor,    October 22, 2016

The way to make America great again is to get the venality out of politics. In the Herald of Sunday October 16, Bill McKibben expressed his distress at finding that Sue Minter was facing a negative campaign heavily financed by outside forces. This assault on Democracy is occurring at all levels.

At the national level, Congress is crippled by selfish and short-sighted loyalties to various opaque sources of money. Even at the most local and apparently safe level, free choices are being knocked out from under our feet.

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman is running for a second term as Representative to the Vermont legislature. He is running a clean, grass-roots campaign with the support of his constituents. His opponent is benefiting from an attack campaign by a Washington DC PAC.

There is no need to attack anybody. Even without any consideration of the candidates themselves, it is apparent that the nature and quality of these two campaigns is quite different.

Robin is a devoted public servant, with successful experience in the position. He knows the ropes. His work in the legislature has been noticed and appreciated. He keeps in close touch with the people he represents.

Robin is helpful, forward-looking and positive. He knows that it is not his business to make local policy decisions. The people themselves do that, in town meetings. The Selectboards do that. State agencies do that. The business of a Representative is to represent, and Robin does that with great energy, generosity, and enthusiasm. He is not working for some hidden entity. He is not working to make money. He is working for us.

We would be justified in finding the current political situation depressing, if not frightening. This is not the way America ought to be. Without trust, without control, there is no liberty. We should consider ourselves lucky to be able to support somebody we can trust, somebody who knows us and is working for us, and not for some mysterious distant interests.

We are in this together and we can do our small and isolated Vermont best to actually help make America great again with a vote for Robin.

Martha and Peter Heitkamp

Middletown Springs

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