My goal and passion is to improve the lives of all Vermonters, and the hard-working people of this district in particular.

If you’d like to take at look at the legislative record for my past three terms, click here.

Climate Change

This is the overarching and underlying issue of our lives. Floods. Fires. And who thought air conditioning would feel essential in Vermont? It determines everything else we talk about. Climate change is not about electric vehicles or carbon taxes. Those are just tools in the toolbox. We can’t get hung up on the tools or even the toolbox, because the real mission is to rebuild this engine and we need every option available, including the tools we have not yet imagined. When we talk about the economy, about farming, jobs, housing, it’s all tied together. Already the ski industry, tourism, sugaring, dairy farming, migration in and out of the state, housing, and transportation are struggling to adapt to more storms, floods, thaws, heat waves, and droughts.

We need thoughtful proactive solutions to the changing climate and to forge allies in the fight, not shortsighted, wishful thinking that the world as we know it will remain the same. There is no return to good old days before the climate bill came due.  We must meet the challenges of now.


My belief is that the best way to raise the standard of living is to put more money into people’s pockets and to wean people off state services by providing a livable wage, and implementing paid family leave to care for a sick family member or bond with a new child.

Affordability means childcare that doesn’t cost more than your paycheck. It means a college education that won’t leave you with a lifetime of debt. It means housing options and tax fairness, accessible medical care, and shorter commutes, all of which translate into a thriving economy for us and for our children, which means a future for Vermont.

The Rural Economy

I was raised on a farm. I understand and value the hard work and know something of the seemingly endless obstacles in the way. I have been a champion for expanding local on-farm economic opportunities. The long-standing agriculture, timber, and slate mining industries are vital parts of both our local economy and Vermont culture. I will continue to support these industries while easing impacts on the environment and adapting to climate change. 

On the other side of the spectrum, technology is a necessity for the evolving rural economy which includes folks working from home. Helping younger people establish themselves here by making housing affordable and broadband accessible is imperative for the future of our state.


Housing is and will continue to be a critical issue in Vermont. The combined pressures of Covid-19, conversion to short-term rentals like AirBnB, and very old housing stock requiring updating and weatherization mean that very little is available, and what there is is not affordable for many Vermonters, especially our younger folks.

I expect that we will see continued pressure as people seek refuge from the forest fires and droughts of the far West. 

A complex problem calls for a variety of solutions: streamlining some regulatory and permitting bottlenecks, incentivizing builders to create affordable rather than high-end housing, and increasing rehabilitation and weatherization of existing housing.


Fast and efficient broadband is no longer a luxury but a critical part of the way we work, learn, shop, and communicate.

In my earlier terms I helped write the bills creating Communication Union Districts (CUDs) to bring high speed internet to under-served areas. I will ensure that we continue our smart investments in this infrastructure necessary to our local economy.


The cheapest and cleanest energy is the energy we don’t use. We are in the midst of a global transition away from fossil fuels toward greener and cleaner energy. The stakes are high and time is short. We can choose to make this transition proactively and with our eyes wide open, embracing the economic opportunities, or we can get left behind.

This includes local production and use of clean energy, micro grids, energy storage, and increased efficiency.

Reproductive Liberty

The government has no place in your bedroom, or telling you whether you must or may not bear a child. That decision, that choice, is a fundamental human right. It is that simple.

Campaign Finance

I believe that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision is one of the worst and most destructive rulings and it continues to do immense damage to our democracy.  Corporations are not people and money is not speech.

Until and unless this ruling is overturned there is little I can influence or control other than my own choices. So on this basis I choose to make my campaigns people-centered and people-driven. I do not and have never accepted corporate donations or money from Political Action Committees (PACs). 

In the past I have returned many donations from PACs, even those whose mission I support, because I just don’t like the political funding model. This decision makes fundraising a lot more difficult, but it also ensures that I am working for you, not for corporate interests.

Action is the way to hope, and hope is necessary for action.  Act and hope with me. So much is in the balance.